Postpone reopen Home Business until when??

My first priority is my children and my health too.  

All my children are in full time school now.  Summer is coming.  So it is my chance to take care of my health to excises to prevent any health problems in future.   My children have activities that keep me busy. (More like drive, watch and sit) I need walk, run, bike, play sports and etc.  I do anything to lose my weight, more alert, more energies to do, and healthier.I do some clay and jewelry unfortunately they are gifts to family members and friends. 

Right now, I realized my time is limited but I really need to do it by take care of my health, children plus their education & activities and home.  

Yes, I still have sweet hubby but he can take care of himself and help out with children and home. 

I decided to wait until right moment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding


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Happy Accident Totem.


It is remind me of Vancouver, British Columbia.   I lived there as young adult for few ears.     I like the colors.   I noticed  turtle in bottom of Totem.  Don’t you think!

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Scrape clays and canes into canes


Close up

I will be on vacation for a while. Will be back in August.


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Summer 2006

I realized my time is very limited to working with clay and media mixed  because four children with me in whole summer. I do enjoying with my children so  I find it hard to make a time to working and playing with clay or crafts.    People are still encouraging me to do but I can do effort to make a time to do few projects and might abe to have a full time with clay when all children are back to school.


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Experiment to make pansy cane.

Click on this image or red x and it will open new window.  Thanks


I am experiment to make pansy cane so I am happy with it but will adjust to change better.  This pansy have blue/white/purple petals with purple cover and yellow/green stigma.   I will make light blue/white/yellow with stripe dark blue with Translucent cover and another ummm  it will be in big secret or it won’t be suprise for my mother.  I am making her one or two eyeglasses necklaces.  She asked me last April so I better make a time.  There is so much projects to do..  Aggggrrrr.   Don’t worry! Mom  I am working on it.  I have been research for pansy colors (matching your clothes colors you like. I hope!  Cross my fingers. And also looking for clear & silver Eyeglasses holders which is hold your eyeglasses’ temples or earpieces  I found black & silver Eyeglasses holder in Michael’s.  Bought two of pairs already. 

Thank you,


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Fun with Elaine’s Ivy Tutorial

Here is the link at  Sonya's Hands On Creations' picturetrail

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More canes fun to make.


I am doing it for fun and experiment with canes.  Next project that I will try Ivy Leaf with Elaine's Ivy Leaf tutorial on tomorrow. 

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Petal Cane


Click on picture to see close up.

Spring is just begininng.  We still have snow and started melt.  But we can smell and feel the spring is at moment here.  

I have been practice to make flower petal canes  and anther/stigma canes.  You can see above the flower on gold background that did not show good in picture. You can see slide thin petal cane on right side so I sliced very thin petal of cane and also sliced very thin anther/stigma of cane (middle of flower Petals). So I put each slided thin petals around like flower on gold background then add yellow/orange anther/stigma in middle of flower. I hope it is explain enough Soon I will make leaf cane that would nice to add touch on behind or front flower.  

This one will on flower pot as decor for my little daughter. She will add real flower in her flower pot.

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Bought flower canes from other artist.

 Her name is Charlene (“Cat”) Therien and her website at

I bought her few flower canes and watched her demo to make handmade hair barrette. When I received her canes from mail and am still very amazing what she made with fine details works on canes. Not only that she also working with other artists to sell canes in EBay Auction. You can click on Cat’s link and find EBay Auction link among with other artists.

What is my plan with canes that I am going to make hair bands plus matching pendant and bracelet for my five years old daughter and six years old niece it would be perfect for spring time and Easter gift. I hope it is enough canes. Right now I am waiting for cane cutter to arrive so that I can cut cane very careful like thin as like paper.

I would like to buy canes from Cat and other artists. I am still make my own canes depend on the time.

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I have been make canes

 I have been practice to make canes again which I haven’t for 11 months while my family are adjusting at new home, schools and more.  I am working on new products to stock up and ready for this late Fall-winter 2006.

   March 06 Black & White CanesMarch06canes

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