Bought flower canes from other artist.

 Her name is Charlene (“Cat”) Therien and her website at

I bought her few flower canes and watched her demo to make handmade hair barrette. When I received her canes from mail and am still very amazing what she made with fine details works on canes. Not only that she also working with other artists to sell canes in EBay Auction. You can click on Cat’s link and find EBay Auction link among with other artists.

What is my plan with canes that I am going to make hair bands plus matching pendant and bracelet for my five years old daughter and six years old niece it would be perfect for spring time and Easter gift. I hope it is enough canes. Right now I am waiting for cane cutter to arrive so that I can cut cane very careful like thin as like paper.

I would like to buy canes from Cat and other artists. I am still make my own canes depend on the time.

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