Petal Cane


Click on picture to see close up.

Spring is just begininng.  We still have snow and started melt.  But we can smell and feel the spring is at moment here.  

I have been practice to make flower petal canes  and anther/stigma canes.  You can see above the flower on gold background that did not show good in picture. You can see slide thin petal cane on right side so I sliced very thin petal of cane and also sliced very thin anther/stigma of cane (middle of flower Petals). So I put each slided thin petals around like flower on gold background then add yellow/orange anther/stigma in middle of flower. I hope it is explain enough Soon I will make leaf cane that would nice to add touch on behind or front flower.  

This one will on flower pot as decor for my little daughter. She will add real flower in her flower pot.

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