Experiment to make pansy cane.

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I am experiment to make pansy cane so I am happy with it but will adjust to change better.  This pansy have blue/white/purple petals with purple cover and yellow/green stigma.   I will make light blue/white/yellow with stripe dark blue with Translucent cover and another ummm  it will be in big secret or it won’t be suprise for my mother.  I am making her one or two eyeglasses necklaces.  She asked me last April so I better make a time.  There is so much projects to do..  Aggggrrrr.   Don’t worry! Mom  I am working on it.  I have been research for pansy colors (matching your clothes colors you like. I hope!  Cross my fingers. And also looking for clear & silver Eyeglasses holders which is hold your eyeglasses’ temples or earpieces  I found black & silver Eyeglasses holder in Michael’s.  Bought two of pairs already. 

Thank you,


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