Postpone reopen Home Business until when??

My first priority is my children and my health too.  

All my children are in full time school now.  Summer is coming.  So it is my chance to take care of my health to excises to prevent any health problems in future.   My children have activities that keep me busy. (More like drive, watch and sit) I need walk, run, bike, play sports and etc.  I do anything to lose my weight, more alert, more energies to do, and healthier.I do some clay and jewelry unfortunately they are gifts to family members and friends. 

Right now, I realized my time is limited but I really need to do it by take care of my health, children plus their education & activities and home.  

Yes, I still have sweet hubby but he can take care of himself and help out with children and home. 

I decided to wait until right moment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding


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